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The ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) is a proctored, standardized test for global assessment of functional writing ability, measuring how well a person writes in a language by comparing the performance of specific writing tasks with the criteria stated in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 – Writing. The WPT measures how well a person writes spontaneously, without resources, such as a dictionary, grammar text, Internet, etc. Tests are double rated and an official ACTFL WPT certificate is issued to the candidate.

ACTFL WPT Rater Certification can be acquired through participation in an ACTFL WPT Rater Workshop. Workshops are offered by ACTFL during the Summer Proficiency and Performance Institute or can be arranged by an accredited academic institution.

WPT Rater Certification Workshop

The path to WPT certification begins by participating in an eWorkshop and certification eCourse.

Prerequisites for workshop attendance: Affiliation with an academic institution as defined by ACTFL, undergraduate degree in a related field, minimal proficiency level of Superior in the language training as well as an OPI or OPIc level of Advanced-Mid in English.

During the workshop candidates will:

  • Become familiar with the WPT
  • Understand, internalize, and apply the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012—Writing
  • Recognize and apply the Assessment Criteria for each of the major levels
  • Recognize the major level targeted by a writing task
  • Assess whether a response meets or does not meet the targeted level of a task.

Prerequisites for WPT Certification

To apply to become a certified WPT rater, candidates must meet the following general prerequisites:

  • Affiliation with an accredited academic institution as defined by ACTFL*
  • Possession of an undergraduate degree in a related field
  • Minimum proficiency level of Advanced-Mid in English as assessed on the OPIc. Minimum proficiency level of Superior in the language of certification as assessed on the WPT. (Certified OPI testers are exempt from the assessment requirements.)

*An academic institution is an accredited school, college, or university where world languages are taught. The term affiliation with an academic institution is defined as a current faculty and/or staff member who is involved in the instruction or evaluation of language students. Private language companies that offer translation services or language testing do not qualify under ACTFL’s definition of an academic institution. Private for-profit companies also do not qualify.

WPT Rater Certification Process

In order to be certified as an ACTFL WPT Rater, candidates must successfully complete the following steps:

Attend a WPT Rater eWorkshop

  • Submit the application for WPT Rater Certification
  • Demonstrate one's language proficiency as evidenced by an official ACTFL OPlc in English and an official ACTFL WPT in the language of certification (Personal OPlc & WPT)
  • Rate benchmarked Writing Proficiency Tests to demonstrate the ability to reliably apply the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Writing to the rating process

Submitting an Application

Are you eager to join our community of raters? This is your chance! The eWorkshop is your first step to becoming a certified rater. It opens in early November and is mandatory for new rater applicants. This comprehensive training will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills required for accurate and consistent rating. In early December, the Certification eCourse begins, guiding you further in your journey to becoming a certified rater. Once you have completed the eCourse you will be certified as a WPT rater and be able to work with LTI to provide WPT ratings. Please only apply if you are dedicated to providing ratings through LTI’s platform.

Application Requirements:

  • Affiliation with an accredited academic institution
  • Minimum of Advanced-Mid in English on the OPIc and Superior on the WPT in the language of certification.
  • Possess a Bachelors degree in a related field.

To register for the certification eCourse, we kindly request you to fill out this application form, which will help us understand your availability and commitment to this certification process. Both components of the course, the eWorkshop and the eCourse, are mandatory for new rater applicants. The eCourse is expected to take approximately 20 hours to complete.

Once you submit your application, we will follow up with a confirmation email, including details about the eWorkshop and eCourse dates, and we will provide access to the course materials on our ACTFLearn Central platform.

Certification Process and Timeline

eWorkshop: The eWorkshop is designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for accurate and consistent rating. It is scheduled to open in early November and is a mandatory first step on your journey to becoming a certified rater. During the eWorkshop, you will receive training, insights, and guidance that will equip you to excel in your role. The course is expected to take 20 hours to complete.

Certification eCourse: The certification eCourse is the second part of your certification journey, scheduled to begin in early December. Successful completion of this course is essential for achieving and maintaining your certified status. It will delve deeper into the standards and practices you'll need to uphold as a rater. The course is expected to take 20 ours to complete.

Awarding of Certification:

ACTFL WPT Rater Certification is awarded for a four-year period. At the end of that period, all testers must re-certify



  • Must be a certified ACTFL WPT rater in good standing

Recertification Process

Do you already have a track record of exceptional performance as a rater? We invite you to explore our eWorkshop! While not mandatory, it's the perfect opportunity for you to revisit and sharpen your skills. The eWorkshop is available starting in early November and will provide valuable insights and a chance to stay at the top of your game.

If your IRR score has fallen below our standards, don't worry, we have a comprehensive solution for you. You are required to participate in both the eWorkshop and Certification eCourse. The eWorkshop is your chance to refresh your skills, and the Certification eCourse will guide you through the recertification process, ensuring you regain and maintain your certified status.

For our current raters seeking recertification please register here.


ACTFL is committed to a transparent certification process. While not all individuals who apply for certification achieve it, ACTFL convenes an Appeals Committee on a quarterly basis to reconsider certification decisions. Candidates for an appeal must meet the following criteria·

  • Certification materials were evaluated inaccurately and/or
  • There were extenuating circumstances that did not allow for a fair assessment of a candidate's testing/rating performance


If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at wptqa@actfl.org. We're here to support you at every step of your journey. Join us as we aim for excellence and celebrate the diverse skills of our dedicated raters!

(Please note that this program receives a high volume of emails. It may take up to 48 hours for a response.)