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Background and Content

Foreign Language Annals is the official refereed journal of ACTFL. and was first published in 1967. The journal seeks to serve the professional interests of classroom instructors, researchers, and administrators across a range of contexts and is dedicated to the advancement of the teaching and learning of foreign languages, particularly languages other than English. It is published four times per year.

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Research and Me: Incorporating FLA into your Classroom

In this presentation, editor Julie Sykes explains how to purposefully use FLA, connecting it to the classroom and real-world language learning.

World Language Research in the Covid-19 Era: Tips, Strategies and Support For world language researchers, the Covid-19 situation presents challenges for beginning, continuing, and completing research projects. Dr. Julie Sykes, Editor of Foreign Language Annals, Director of the Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon, a National Foreign Language Resource Center, and Co-Director of the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program shares tips for navigating research, participates in an interview with ACTFL’s Director of Assessment and Research, Meg Malone, and answers participant questions. Access a PDF of the presentation.

Editor, Managing Editor and Editorial Board

The Editor of Foreign Language Annals is Dr. Julie Sykes, University of Oregon, and the Managing Editor is Luke Plonsky, Northern Arizona University.

In addition to the Editor and Managing Editor, the members of the journal’s Editorial Board are:
Robert Davis, University of Oregon
Beatrice Dupuy, University of Arizona
Nan Jiang, University of Maryland
Celeste Kinginger, The Pennsylvania State University
Kris Knisely, University of Arizona
Cristina Pardo-Ballester, Iowa State University
Sonia Shiri, University of Arizona
Duarte Silva, Stanford University
Heather Willis Allen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Yang Xiao-Desai, San Francisco State University

Circulation and Audience

All of ACTFL’s more than 12,000 members receive Foreign Language Annals as a benefit of membership. In addition, more than 1,000 academic libraries subscribe to Foreign Language Annals. Only institutional subscriptions are available to nonmembers.


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Institutional: Print + Online$354£ 183€ 229€ 229$467
Institutional: Print Only$308£ 158€ 199€ 199$406

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Information for Authors

Authors should carefully review the Author Guidelines to ensure that both the content and format of their work are appropriate for this journal, then submit the abstract, manuscript and accompanying files using the ScholarOne Manuscripts™.

Information for Reviewers

The Editor and Editorial Board welcome individuals who would like to review for the journal. To be added to our list of reviewers, please carefully consider the Reviewer Guidelines (PDF), then register as a reviewer at: The voluntary work of reviewers is acknowledged in the spring issue of the journal and letters of appreciation recognizing reviewers’ service to the profession are also sent

Previous Editors

Previous editors of Foreign Language Annals include:

Kenneth Mildenberger
Andre Paquette
C. Edward Scebold
Warren Borne
Cathy Linder
Patricia Cummins
Vicki Galloway
Frank Grittner
Emily Spinelli
Sherry Spaine-Long
Leslie Schrier
Anne Nerenz
Julie Sykes


Video Abstracts CTA

Watch FLA Video Abstracts

Many FLA articles feature video abstracts with authors, where they help you understand why the research is important and how you can use it in your classroom.

How to Submit Articles to FLA

The journal welcomes submissions that report empirical research on, and that have clear and significant implications for, foreign language teaching and learning at all levels of instruction. The journal also welcomes manuscripts that advance theoretical discussions in foreign language education and manuscripts that document the effectiveness of teaching strategies or address a wide variety of emerging issues of interest within the profession.

  • Only original works that have not been previously published elsewhere and that are not under consideration by any other publication may be submitted for review.
  • All submissions must be written in standard English, in a style that is accessible to a broad readership of foreign language researchers, educators, and administrators.
  • Book reviews, literature reviews, anecdotal reports of teaching strategies or activities, and opinion pieces are not accepted.
  • If the topic of a submission focuses on English as a second/foreign language, the manuscript should be written so that all language professionals could benefit. Manuscripts focusing solely on English may be returned without review or referred to a different journal.
  • Foreign Language Annals seeks to represent a broad range of researchers and perspectives. Authors who have previously published as a single or first author in Foreign Language Annals may submit subsequent manuscripts such that, if accepted, 12 months will elapse between publication dates. This restriction does not apply to second or subsequent authors.
  • Foreign Language Annals does not accept multiple simultaneous submissions from the same author.
  • Preference will be given to papers that address substantive issues, demonstrate expert use of research methods, and report new qualitative or quantitative data that have strong implications for standards-based, proficiency-oriented teaching and learning of languages.

Authors are invited to submit their work using the journal’s online management system. More than 175 manuscripts are submitted to the journal annually; approximately 15% of the submissions are selected for publication.

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