LCF Launches Student Ambassadors Program to Empower Language-Learner Leaders

Lcf student ambassadors program

In a move aimed at addressing the critical need for language education advocacy and fostering a nationwide community of language enthusiasts, the Language Connects Foundation (LCF) proudly announces the launch of the LCF Student Ambassadors Program.

This program is a dynamic initiative that unites student language-learner leaders at the postsecondary level to champion language education. These ambassadors will play a vital role in spreading LCF's mission, offering valuable insights, and inspiring fellow young language learners to celebrate their linguistic accomplishments and dreams.

Kit Hall, Executive Director of LCF, emphasized the importance of this program, stating, "The time is now for language learners to come together and advocate for the benefits of exploring other languages and cultures. From enhanced problem-solving skills to global awareness, languages add immense value to our human experience."

The United States experiences funding challenges for language programs, faces a critical language teacher shortage, and lags behind global peers in language enrollments. In response to these needs, the LCF Student Ambassadors Program is a call to action, inviting postsecondary students and language enthusiasts to empower each other and become global advocates for language education.

LCF Student Ambassadors will have the opportunity to connect with fellow student leaders nationwide, meet and network with experienced language educators and advocates, and have access to exclusive professional development webinars on various topics, including advocacy and fundraising, helping them grow as advocates and trailblazers for language education.

LCF Student Ambassadors will be encouraged to share their voices and contribute to the language education community through media, awareness-raising, and fundraising projects throughout the academic year.

Postsecondary student language learners are invited to enroll now. Postsecondary language educators are encouraged to share this valuable volunteer opportunity with their students. More information about the LCF Student Ambassadors Program and how to get involved can be found here.