ACTFL Statement On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

CONTACT: Howie Berman
703.894.2900 ext. 106

The leadership of ACTFL strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign nation with its own linguistic and cultural identity. We mourn the tragic loss of life that is a result of this callous action and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and those in Russia and around the world who reject this act of war.

This heartbreaking tragedy provides us with a much-needed moment of reflection and recognition of our own biases. When we see acts of naked aggression, acts that threaten life, human dignity, and linguistic and cultural identity around the world, we must call them out, regardless of what region of the world they occur, and the race, gender, sexual identity, economic status, and ability of those affected.

If you’re looking for ways to engage your learners on the current Ukraine crisis, visit Educator Resources on the Crisis in Ukraine for a list of resources that will be updated periodically. Want to help those affected in Ukraine today? Read our joint statement on supporting students and scholars in need. You can also donate to several charities working on the ground in and around Ukraine.