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NFMLTA/MLJ Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in World Language Education

Paul Pimsleur
Paul Pimsleur

The Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in World Language Education was created in 1977 in response to the initiative of an anonymous donor. It was established as a memorial to Paul Pimsleur and recognizes his contributions to the profession as an outstanding teacher, researcher, and expert on test creation and interpretation. His professional influence was felt internationally, and his work lives on through the Pimsleur Aptitude Tests and the materials for independent language learning that he created.

Since 1989, recipients have received an honorarium provided by the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers' Association (NFMLTA) and The Modern Language Journal. The award is evidence of the commitment of ACTFL, NFMLTA, and The Modern Language Journal to research in world and second language acquisition and to the application of its results to the classroom.

The recipient(s) of the Pimsleur Award shall be the author(s) of an outstanding contribution to research in world language or second language education. The study shall have been published during the previous calendar year (i.e., the 2024 Award will be given for work published during the calendar year 2023). The quality of the research and its potential impact on world language learning or teaching comprise the principal criteria for selection. The research may be language-specific or language-general. Studies using any quantitative, statistical procedures for data gathering and data analyses, qualitative/descriptive research approaches, or mixed approaches will be considered. Each study will be assessed in the light of the salience of the question(s) asked, the appropriateness and rigor of its research approach, and the significance of its contribution to knowledge within the language education field.

The recipient of this award receive an honorarium.

Procedures for Nomination

  1. ACTFL and Modern Language Journal will advertise the award widely and ACTFL will solicit nominations for the award from editors of relevant North American journals (such as, but not limited to, Applied Language Learning, Applied Linguistics, CALICO Journal, Canadian Modern Language Review, Foreign Language Annals, French Review, Hispania, Japanese Language and Literature, Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association, Language Learning, Language Learning and Technology, Modern Language Journal, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, TESOL Quarterly, Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German). Each editor may submit up to three nominations.
  2. The recipient is not required to be an ACTFL member nor a subscriber to the MLJ.
  3. The nomination dossier must include the following documents (in order):
    1. Letter of support by the nominating editor.
    2. Article for consideration.
  4. Complete nomination dossiers must be submitted to ACTFL in one PDF file by the deadline.

Procedures for Selection Committee

  1. The award Selection Committee will be co-chaired by a member of the MLJ Editorial Board, appointed by the MLJ Editor, and a member of ACTFL, invited by the current ACTFL President. The co-chairs will serve in a non-voting capacity.
  2. Committee members will be selected from those that apply as volunteers.
  3. Committee members rate and rank the dossiers using the award rubric and return their ratings and rankings to the Committee Chair or Co-Chairs by an agreed upon date.
  4. The Committee may meet as many times as needed to decide on the award recipient.
  5. At the discretion of the Committee, the award may or may not be presented during a given year.
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