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ACTFL-NYSAFLT Anthony Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education

The Anthony Papalia Award honors a teacher, educator, and author who significantly influenced the lives of countless students and practicing teachers. His tenure at the State University of New York, Buffalo, service to the State of New York through work with the New York State Education Department, and involvement in the New York State Association for Language Teachers, Inc. (NYSAFLT) were characterized by selfless dedication to improving the quality of teachers and teaching.

The ACTFL Anthony Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education was established by ACTFL in 1987 to recognize a world language educator who has demonstrated excellence in the preparation and continuing education of teachers for the profession. It is supported by New York State Association for Language Teachers, Inc.

Evidence of the nominee's impact on teacher education should consist of a record of active participation, leadership, and significant contributions to the field of world language education. This documentation would include supporting documentation as to the impact of the nominee’s contributions toward the development of preservice (entry level) teacher candidates and in service teachers, with a focus on teaching, service, research, and honors received.

Since 1991, a $500 cash award has been provided to the recipient by New York State Association for Language Teachers, Inc. and ACTFL. The cash award is evidence of the commitment of ACTFL and New York State Association for Language Teachers, Inc. to excellence in teacher preparation and to the support of those in our profession who share this concern.

Procedures for Nomination

  1. Nominations and self-nominations may be made only by ACTFL members.
  2. The nomination dossier must include the following documents (in order):
    1. A simple cover letter introducing the nominee and the other dossier materials to follow, signed by a nominating ACTFL member.
    2. Curriculum vitae of the candidate (not to exceed 10 pages).
    3. No more than three letters of support clearly explaining the rationale for the choice of this individual (from colleagues, students, or others who have benefited from the nominee's teaching and/or contributions).
    4. Other supporting documentation not to exceed 10 pages (e.g., photos, artifacts from teaching, evidence of leadership, etc.) that documents evidence of excellence in teaching, research and service at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels (see rubric for specific criteria and indicators).
  3. Complete nomination dossiers must be submitted to ACTFL in one PDF file by the deadline.
  4. No member or officer of the ACTFL Board of Directors may write a letter of support for any award nominee or actively shepherd the nomination of an award candidate.
  5. No member or officer of the ACTFL Board of Directors, or contracted employee is eligible for nomination for any award while holding these positions.

Criteria for Eligibility (Checklist)

  • The Nominee is a current ACTFL member.
  • The candidate has a minimum of five years teaching experience with at least half of each year's assignment in the area of world language education.
  • Dossier includes introductory cover letter, CV, maximum of three letters of support, and supporting documentation combined in one PDF file.

Procedures for the Selection Committee

  1. The award selection committee will be chaired by a member of ACTFL, who will be appointed by the ACTFL Past President. The chair will serve in a non-voting capacity.
  2. As soon as possible after the deadline for submission of nominations, the Committee Chair will circulate copies of the nomination dossiers to members of the committee.
  3. Committee members rate and rank the dossiers using the rubric and return their ratings and rankings to the Committee Chair by the date specified.
  4. At the discretion of the Committee, the award may or may not be presented during a given year.
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