Independent Learning Strategies

How to unlock your learners' world language potential

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You can help your learners become more independent and engaged in their own learning.

This course will show you how.

You know that one of the biggest challenges as a world language teacher is fostering independent learning. But how can we go that extra mile to really get student invested in learning more...even outside the classroom?

Independent Learning Strategies is a dynamic, 30-minute, micro-course that will unlock the potential of your language learners.

You'll be equipped with targeted strategies to foster student independence across key communicative modes: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. Each 10-minute module teaches you practical tips and gives real-world examples that you can take into the classroom right now!

"The course really helped me nail down the basics of what students need to become independent learners in a language classroom. It was thorough and in depth concerning the 3 modes of communication. Greatly appreciated the professionalism from the presenter!"—Actual review from one of our learners

This affordable, rapid-fire course will show you how to elevate students from passive learners to active, confident communicators at every proficiency level. You can't afford to wait...unlock your learners' potential today!

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About our instructor

Dr. Cynthia Martin is an Associate Professor of Russian and serves as the Undergraduate Program Director for Russian at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her instructional focus encompasses language and culture courses, and she actively contributes to national assessment initiatives in academia, as well as in private and government sectors.

Dr. Martin has also penned numerous articles and book chapters, showcasing her expertise in curriculum design, proficiency development, and assessment strategies.