ACTFL Proudly Releases New Vision Statement

CONTACT: Howie Berman
703.894.2900 ext. 106

The world continues to get smaller, and the ability to connect and communicate with people outside geographic boundaries is imperative. As a leading voice and source of professional support for language educators, ACTFL has a responsibility not only to ensure that all learners have access to language education, but also to convey the importance of language learning to the broader community. To that end, ACTFL is pleased to release a new vision statement, recently approved by the ACTFL Board of Directors:

"ACTFL envisions an interconnected world where everyone benefits from and values a multilingual and multicultural education."

The vision aligns with ACTFL’s mission of providing “vision, leadership and support for quality teaching and learning of languages." This new statement represents what the world looks like if we achieve that mission.

By more closely aligning ACTFL's mission and vision, we hope to inspire language educators and learners everywhere. Working together, we can continue to improve lives by increasing access to high-quality, proficiency-based language education for all learners, demonstrating the value of connections and collaboration, and working to ensure a well-trained, diverse teacher pipeline is developed to meet the growing needs of learners everywhere.

Jessica Haxhi, President of the ACTFL Board of Directors explains: "As the ACTFL Board and staff collaborated to produce this new vision statement, we had a shared understanding that it should be an aspirational call to action. I hope that as you read it, you too feel inspired to work together to make this shared vision a reality."