Janet Skrzypek

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Janet skrzypek

Meet Janet Skrzypek

Saint Zachary Catholic School

Level: Elementary

I teach: Spanish (Pk - 8th)

Favorite Part of being an ACTFL Member:

I joined ACTFL to learn and share my experience with and from my colleagues. As well as to continue to grow professionally from various institutions.

Favorite Part of Career:

One of my favorite parts of my career is seeing my students progress from learning basic vocabulary, expressions, and grammar to learning cultural aspects of the Hispanic culture through class-based projects that reflect the diversity of the language and culture.

One thing I Recently Learned:

Living in a global world, I recently confirmed that knowing another language will open the door to many job opportunities. In turn, it allows us to serve our community better.

Fun Fact:

I am Peruvian-Polish. I was born in Peru and lived in Belgium before moving to the United States with my Belgian husband many years ago. At home, we are multilingual; with my husband and daughter, we speak English, French, and Spanish.

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