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Caver Mudzonga

Caver Mudzonga

Meet Caver Mudzonga

Lexington School District 1

Level: High School

I teach: French

Favorite Part of being an ACTFL Member:

I like the periodical emails that present something new about language learning and teaching and the updates on what colleagues are doing.

Favorite Part of Career:

The most memorable moment has to be presenting at ACTFL 2023. It was also my first attendance and I had never imagined the the scale of the conference. I can now say that is the biggest conference I have ever been a part of. I learnt a lot and I have been applying some of the things to my classroom practice.

One thing I Recently Learned:

I have learnt a lot but one thing that sticks out because it is new is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in my world language class. I am encouraged by the professional development sessions that I attended that highlighted the fact that world language teaching or education in general has been skeptical of advances in IT. Educators have felt threatened and have not embraced these advances and have played second fiddle to their students as they explore these changes themselves. I have for that reason been exploring, together with my students, how to embrace AI and use it as an ally and not view it as a threat to language learning and teaching.

Fun Fact:

I had never played a racket sport until my college years but now I play squash at least 3 times a week. I go to at least 4 tournaments a year and am still winning trophies so that is fun!

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