New Teachers Affinity Group

Fewer than five years in the classroom

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The New Teacher affinity group's multifaceted goals support new teachers (fewer than five years in the classroom) by fostering community, sharing knowledge, and strengthening teaching skills through collaboration and inclusivity. We aim to enhance instructional strategies and classroom management skills, and to link new teachers through common purposes and interests. We strive to create a pathway for novice teachers to experience socialization with their peers, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. We empower educators to excel in their roles and make a lasting impact on their students' lives.

This group will meet on the following dates, once a month from January - June 2024.

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All meetings will take place at 7:30 ET via Zoom. The link will be sent to your email after registration is completed.

Group facilitators:
Jian Liu

Thank you for your interest in ACTFL’s Affinity groups. Please use this form to register for the New Teachers affinity group. If you identify with more than one of the groups, you are welcome to register for any other groups as well, on their respective forms. Note that we have planned the Zoom gatherings on different days to honor individuals’ intersecting identities.

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New Teachers Affinity Group


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