Neurodivergent Educators Affinity Group

If you know, you know

Affinity Neurodiversity Header

The Neurodivergent Affinity group is a teacher-led group for language educators who identify under the Neurodivergent umbrella (“if you know, you know.”). This group offers opportunities to engage, connect, and support one another in a series of conversations that center neurodiversity in the teaching profession and the language education field. Our goals are to empower participants by fostering a sense of belonging and providing resources to address systemic inequities and challenges we may encounter, as well as to promote representation, inclusion, cultural sensitivity, and professional growth while fostering equity and providing emotional support. While we appreciate the constant support and love of our allies, at this time, the Neurodivergent Educators Affinity group is for those who identify within the community.

This group will meet on the following dates, once a month from January - June 2024.