Disabled Educators Affinity Group

For language educators with one or multiple disabilities

Affinity Disability header

This is an affinity space for language educators with one or multiple disabilities. We create this space for educators to be able to socialize, support, educate and advocate with others who share this element of their identity. The ACTFL DEI committee has not yet been able to recruit a disabled educator to facilitate this affinity group. The current facilitator is an able-bodied educator with personal connections to disability and who has participated in various trainings for identity-conscious facilitation and universal design. Our hope is that by holding these meetings we will be able to recruit an educator from within the disability community to facilitate or co-facilitate the space at some point in the future. In the meantime, the current facilitator will be responsive to the wishes of the group regarding her role as facilitator.

This group will meet on the following dates, once a month from January - June 2024.