Listening and Reading Computer Adapted Test (L&RCAT)

The ACTFL Listening Proficiency and Reading computer adaptive test (L&Rcat) addresses the interpretive mode of communication, measuring how well the test taker can listen to and read English.

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The listening section measures how well the test taker can spontaneously understand spoken language, without the ability to re-listen or ask for clarification; the reading section measures how well the test taker can spontaneously read a language when presented with written texts without access to dictionaries or grammar references.

Test takers’ listening and reading abilities on the L&Rcat are rated according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 – Listening and Reading.

As a computer adaptive test the L&Rcat adapts to the test taker’s listening and reading abilities; the computer algorithm successively selects questions based on the test taker’s performance on previous questions for the purpose of maximizing the precision of the exam. This additionally makes the test efficient in both time and effort. This test is administered online with a remote proctor.