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ACTFL STARTALK Multi-State Pathways to Teaching

What is the Multi-State Pathways to Teaching?

Are you:

  • A teacher of Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, or Urdu in a heritage/community/weekend school?
  • A teacher of Spanish looking to work in a dual language immersion program?
  • An individual ready to work toward certification to teach in K-12 public schools?

The STARTALK Multi-State Pathways to Teaching Institute focuses on closing the gap for heritage school teachers by creating a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) to earn state certification.  The goal is to prepare more language teachers that are ready to be placed in a K-12 public school classroom as an alternative entry or provisionally licensed teacher. This teacher training program will support up to 50 prospective teachers in 10 targeted STARTALK languages to address the critical need for K-12 language programs in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.  In addition, a limited number of Spanish teachers may participate to prepare to serve in dual language/immersion programs in those states.

This focus is to prepare teachers to meet the licensing requirements of the state where they will be teaching and enter the classroom as effective educators with the skills to plan, deliver, and assess instruction using the STARTALK-Endorsed Principles and research-based strategies for language learning.

The partners in this program are committed to supporting each participant to achieve alternative teaching licensure with the Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia state departments of education.

Four Phases of Pathways to Teaching

The Institute design includes 75 hours of instruction delivered online and face-to-face in four phases through a variety of learning experiences:

  • Phase 1: Pre-Institute (6 hours online over a one-month period) – June 12 through July 17, 2019
  • Phase 2: Summer Institute (45 hours on-site over 7 days) – July 24 through July 31, 2019
  • Phase 3: Post-Institute (24 hours online over a seven-month period) – August 12, 2019, through February 20, 2020
  • Phase 4: Extended Institute (additional individual work to complete certification requirements as outlined in each participant’s Personalized Learning Plan).

Each participant must commit to participate in all four phases of the program.

The application is now closed.