ACTFL Certification Candidate Personal OPI Process

Through an agreement with Language Testing International (LTI) we have created a discount so that the candidates can enter a code to get a special OPI price. When following the below instructions candidates will receive the $100 exam price plus $20 for remote proctoring which makes the all-in price to the candidate $120. If the candidate does not enter the code, they will be charged the standard price of $145 for an official OPI plus the proctoring fee for a total fee of $165.

This year’s code: “ACTFLOPI2022” applies the $45 discount against the test but does not apply to the remote proctoring fees.

Directions for the candidates

Step 1: On your browser Go to

Step 2: Click on Certification types which is under Certifications for Individuals

ACTFL Certification Candidate Personal OPI Process Step 2

Step 3: Enter in the language that you will be testing and click next

Step 4: In the right-hand column under Students/Teachers scroll down to “Programs with ACTFL requirements” and click choose test

Step 5: Type in “ACTFL Certification Candidates” in the search bar and click continue

Step 6: The OPI test will be displayed with the standard price of $145. Click on Select test (the box will turn blue) and then click Continue to Schedule

Select the test you would like to take in order to get certified

Step 7: On this page you must:

Select Web-Based Proctoring – Examity – (adding $20 to the test cost)

Step 1: Enter your time zone

Step 2: Enter your first-choice time with a 3-hour window

Step 3: Enter your 2nd choice time with a 3-hour window

Step 4: Enter your trainer’s full name

Click Next

Schedule your 30 minute Spanish OPI

Step 8: At this point you will need to create your LTI account

Create an Account or Login

Step 9: In your personal account add your credit card information and at the bottom there is a place to add in the ACTFL provided discount code. Enter the code provided by ACTFL and click apply discount. The total cost will automatically update.

Step 10: After placing the order and paying for the test your account will show the test

Thank you for your purchase!

Step 11: An email will be sent to you from with the details of your date/time selection. Another email will be sent when you have been matched with the tester.

Candidate Order Confirmation E-mail