ACTFL Certification Candidate Personal OPI Process

Through an agreement with Language Testing International (LTI) we have completed the update to the account ACTFL Certification Candidates (non ILR testers) so that the candidates can enter in a code to get the special OPI price to receive the $100 agreed price plus $20 for remote proctoring which makes the all-in price to the candidates $120. If the candidate does not enter the code, they will be charged the standard price of $145 for an official OPI plus the proctoring fee for a total fee of $165.

ACTFL will provide the code to these candidates and advise them how to place their order through LTI’s website.

This year’s code: “ACTFLOPI2022” applies the $45 discount against the test but does not apply to the remote proctoring fees.

Background information

ACTFL requested that new raters/testers pay LTI directly for their OPIs. LTI created the workflow so that it shows up on the LTI website and candidate can order and pay for the test. These tests will flow to the remote proctoring company. LTI will capture the trainer’s name entered by the candidates.

Directions for the candidates

Step 1: On your browser Go to

Step 2: Click on Order a Test.

LTI Order a Test

Step 3: Enter in the language that you will be testing and click next

Step 4:In the orange right-hand column under I am looking to test for teacher certification or as part of my school program scroll down to the 2nd box “I am a student or teacher and need to take an ACTFL assessment as a requirement for my academic program.” and click choose test

Step 4

Step 5: Type in “ACTFL Certification Candidates” in the search bar and click continue

Step 6: The OPI test will be displayed with the standard price of $145. Click on Select test (the box will turn blue) and then click Continue to Schedule

Select the test you would like to take in order to get certified

Step 7: On this page you must:

Select Web-Based Proctoring – Examity – (adding $20 to the test cost)

Step 1: Enter your time zone

Step 2: Enter your first-choice time with a 3-hour window

Step 3: Enter your 2nd choice time with a 3-hour window

Step 4: Enter your trainer’s full name

Click Next

Step 7, Image 1
Step 7, image 2

Step 8: At this point you will need to create your LTI account

Create an Account or Login

Step 9: In your personal account add your credit card information and at the bottom there is a place to add in the ACTFL provided discount code. Enter the code provided by ACTFL and click apply discount. The total cost will automatically update. Please ignore the information about no discount code as that is for other accounts.

Step 9

Discount applied after code has been applied.

Step 9, image 2

Step 10: After placing the order and paying for the test your account will show the test

Thank you for your purchase!

Step 11: An email will be sent to you from with the details of your date/time selection. Another email will be sent when you have been matched with the tester.

Candidate Order Confirmation E-mail