No Campaigning Policy

The ACTFL Board seeks fairness and equity in its nomination and election process, as well as the best candidates for available positions. It believes in equal access to the members for all candidates. It also wishes to preserve the dignity of the offices and organization they intended to represent. Therefore, the Board’s position on the issue of election campaigning is that no campaigning shall occur. To ensure a consistent application of this policy, campaigning is defined as:

A systematic program of activities undertaken with the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election or political process.

Candidates for ACTFL Board positions, as well as their surrogates (individuals/organizations, etc.) should refrain from any and all campaigning, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Distribution by hand, mail, or other manner of promotional material, flyers, or posters for the purpose of soliciting votes for a specific candidate;
  2. Use of social media for the purpose of soliciting votes for a specific candidate; and
  3. Communications made to multiple recipients for the purpose of soliciting votes for a specific candidate. Candidates are required to sign a copy of this policy agreeing to abide by its terms. Candidates who violate this policy will be removed from the ballot and will be ineligible to hold elected office for the election during which they campaigned.

Note: Nothing in this policy should be construed as a limitation on the free expression of ideas among ACTFL members. Members are encouraged to discuss the relative merits of candidates for ACTFL office. What is prohibited is campaigning, as defined in this policy.

Any member may report a suspected violation to the chair of the nominating committee or to the Board President. The Board will investigate and make a determination if there has been a violation. The Board's determination will be final.

(Approved by the ACTFL Board of Directors in May 2015)

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