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Readers and ACTFL members can contribute to Special Focus Topics in ACTFL's official magazine, The Language Educator. Use the form below to submit your article ideas to the editor.

Summer 2023

Community Language Learning

Article submissions due March 15, 2023

Language holds culture, provides identity, and links communities. How are we leveraging members of the community to provide additional language learning opportunities outside of the traditional language classroom? How are language programs made visible; how are programs proving their value to the local community? Share experiences that illustrate how your community is creating, maintaining, and leveraging connections with communities beyond the typical educational institutions.

Fall 2023

Mentoring New and Future Teachers

Article submissions due June 15, 2023

Studies show that mentoring benefits both the mentor and the mentee. With the United States reporting mass shortages of language educators across the nation, it is critical to mentor new and future teachers entering the profession to ensure that they are supported and successful. What strategies do you employ to reach out to bring in and support new language educators? Share examples of mentoring programs and/or initiatives in your community.

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