Author Guidelines for The Language Educator


Share Your Expertise in TLE

The Language Educator invites the submission of articles written by language educators and administrators that explore an issue, highlight a unique program, or enlighten the reader. We also welcome any information communicating language-related news to our audience.

Decisions regarding publication in The Language Educator are made by ACTFL, along with the magazine’s editor. ACTFL reserves the right to reject material, whether solicited or otherwise, if it lacks quality, timeliness, or relevance. ACTFL offers no remuneration for unsolicited articles.

Feature Articles

We welcome and will consider all feature article submissions for The Language Educator. Any submission should be written in an informal, conversational style.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Keep your manuscript brief and concise (approximately 1,000–2,500 words).
  • Write in the active voice.
  • Be clear and comprehensible. Use simple language and avoid jargon.
  • Provide steps. If your article is a “how-to” or case study, provide information on how others might duplicate your success.
  • Support generalizations with facts and practical examples.
  • Include direct, interesting quotes from your sources. Use a variety of current, credible sources for data and opinions.
  • Check out previous issues to get a sense of the writing and audience.
  • Do not submit research papers or reviews of literature.
  • The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition, and Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed., should be consulted for specific questions regarding style, except as mentioned here (e.g., use of citations).

We appreciate receiving any photographs and artwork related to your manuscript. Send photos and artwork only when we request them, after your article has been accepted and scheduled for publication. Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions for any photos and artwork, including permission forms from students or others featured in photos. We prefer high resolution photo files (300 dpi or greater).

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in submitting an academic research paper, we suggest that you send it to ACTFL’s peer-reviewed quarterly, Foreign Language Annals.


There are a number of regular departments within The Language Educator that are open for unsolicited submissions. They are:

  • Breaking News: Share interesting national or international news about languages.
  • In the Classroom: Submit your article on a topics directly relating to languages in the classroom.
  • Inside ACTFL: Contribute news and announcements about ACTFL-related activities and programs.
  • Legislative Look: Let us know about a piece of legislation (local or national) of note to language education. Share your legislative victories.
  • So You Say: Respond to a question of interest to language educators. Check the most recent issue of The Language Educator or this website to find questions for upcoming issues.
  • Tech Talk: Submit information about the latest in language learning technology (i.e., new software or hardware).
  • WebWatch: Tell us about the latest website that can be a useful resource for language educators or students.

Your submission to a TLE department may or may not be credited, depending on the context.

Upload Your Article to TLE

If you wish to submit an article to The Language Educator that is NOT meant for a Focus Topic or any particular issue, you can upload it below.

This article should not be a submission for a Focus Topic or any particular issue of TLE.