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ACTFL is pleased to announce the release of the third edition of the IPA Manual, The Integrated Performance Assessment: Twenty Years and Counting.

Written by Francis Troyan, Bonnie Adair-Hauck, and Eileen Glisan, this new title builds upon the original framework presented to guide instructors in designing and implementing this cutting-edge assessment into their world language classrooms.

Informed by the findings of research conducted on the IPA since 2013, this edition describes the potential of the IPA as a vehicle for enacting instruction and assessment for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world language classroom at all levels of instruction.

The interpretive comprehension guide has been expanded into three separate templates, each of which addresses a specific modality—interpretive viewing, interpretive listening, interpretive reading. Revised rubrics with several new criteria, together with accompanying tools, assist instructors in more easily rating learner performance across the three modes of communication. A new dedicated chapter articulates the role of the IPA at the post-secondary level.

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The Integrated Performance Assessment: Twenty Years and Counting