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eBooks FAQ

I just bought an eBook, how do I access the files?

After you purchase the eBook, an email from will arrive with the subject of “ACTFL Store Order”. Inside the email, under the “Purchase Information” section, there will be a link to your Download Manager. To access, you will need to log into the website. Please contact if you are unable to log in.

Once logged into the Download Manager, you can access any available downloads. Use the “Download” button to download the eBook(s) to your computer or tablet. Files will be available for 72 hours after purchase.

I downloaded the eBook, now what?

You must have an eBook reader program installed on your computer or tablet – you will not be able to open the eBook in Word, your browser, or any similar application. You must have an eBook reader program installed such as Kindle, Calibre, or Apple Books (iBooks). We recommend Calibre – it works on all platforms (Mac/PC). But you must have a reader installed to open the eBooks. Once you’ve opened your eBook reader program, you can ‘add’ the book to your library, some programs may automatically scan and add, but you may have to manually add it. The file will be in your downloads folder unless saved elsewhere.

I downloaded the file on my computer but need it on my tablet, how do I transfer it?

On your computer, you should be able to find the file under your downloads folder (unless you saved it elsewhere). From there, you can move and email the file elsewhere. If the file is too large to email, you can create a free DropBox account and send it that way. You can also connect your tablet to your computer and drag and drop the files onto your tablet. Your tablet vendor will be able to provide more steps and information for this process.

How do I open the eBook?

Ebooks must be opened using an eBook reader program. Once you have the eBook downloaded and an eBook reader program installed, you should be able to open and access the eBook. Unfortunately, ACTFL staff are limited in the ability to troubleshoot technical questions. If you are having trouble opening the book, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.

What is an eBook reader program?

eBooks are uniquely coded and cannot be opened in normal applications like Microsoft Word, Adobe, or your internet browser. You must have an eBook reader program installed. Mobi files can be opened with Kindle or Calibre. Epub files can be opened with Apple Books (iBooks) or Calibre. An eBook reader program must be installed for the eBook to be accessible.

I accidentally bought the wrong file format, what do I do?

Please email ACTFL as soon as possible if you accidentally purchase the incorrect eBook file format and we will correct the order and give you access to the correct file type. Do not purchase the eBook again, we will not be able to refund the original purchase.

I bought an eBook but no longer have access, can you help?

If it is within 30 days of the original purchase date, ACTFL will provide a replacement eBook at no additional fee. After the 30 days of purchase, you will be required to pay a $5 per eBook replacement fee. Fees can be paid over the phone with a credit card. Once the replacement fee is paid, a replacement eBook will be provided.

When purchasing an eBook, we highly recommend saving a copy of the file to a computer so you will have permanent access to the files after the original 72-hour download window has passed.

I bought an eBook but need to print it out, is that possible?       

There may be software out there that lets you accomplish this, but we do not have any recommendations. The eBooks are formatted to be read through an eBook reader and may corrupt if converted by other software.

I bought the eBook version, can I have the print book instead?

ACTFL does not offer refunds or exchanges for eBooks. If the eBook is available in print format, you would have to purchase it separately for the full cost, we will not be able to apply your payment for an eBook towards a print book.

Is it possible to receive a desk copy of a book for my classroom?

Unfortunately, ACTFL does not provide desk copies. If you are interested in a title, you would need to purchase it. We have both print and eBook options available for most of our titles.

What if my school computer won’t allow me to download files?

ACTFL is not able to provide technical support beyond basic assistance, you will need to work with your school’s IT team or administration to download the eBook or eBook reader program. We recommend downloading the files onto a personal computer or tablet while you work with your school to avoid missing the 72-hour downloads window.

Can I have the eBooks in PDF format instead?

We do not offer our eBooks in PDF format. Our publications are available in eBook or print format only.