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February 2014

World Languages e-Cards
The 123Greetings website is subtitled “Free Greetings for the Planet,” and the world languages section of the site has e-cards for various holidays and for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. There are also congratulatory cards, as well as friendship, thank-you, and everyday cards. The languages currently offered on the site are German, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

Educaplay is a platform that allows teachers to create their own multimedia teaching activities. Among the activities they can create are quizzes, video quizzes, dialogues, interactive maps, crosswords, riddles, and word search puzzles. In addition, the learning resources section has activities in 14 different languages.

New Resource for ESL Teachers
The information and resources on the Masters in ESL website is designed to help current and future teachers of English as a second language. It includes lesson plans, advice on using Common Core State Standards in ESL teaching, and a blog. Recent blog topics of discussion include instructional technology tools in the classroom, online master’s degree programs, and overseas jobs.

The Cervantes Virtual Center
The Cervantes Virtual Center website was created by the Instituto Cervantes to help spread the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. To achieve that mission, it provides materials and services for Spanish teachers, students, translators, and others interested in Spanish language and culture. The site is organized by education, literature, language, arts, and science.

Create Websites and More
Weebly for Education is a free service used by teachers to create classroom websites, blogs, and student e-portfolios. It offers a drag-and-drop website builder that can be used to add text, photos, videos, and maps. With the blogging feature, teachers can post class updates and homework assignments for students and parents.

Latin American Culture Site
The Mundo Latino website has videos, animated shorts, articles, humor, and poetry. There is also a section with resources for children, which teachers of younger students may find especially useful.

French Audio and Reading Exercises
The audio and reading exercises on this website include vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and reading and listening comprehension. There are also exercises and games intended to improve language literacy in children and adults.

Chinese Grammar Wiki
This website has grammar points for learning Chinese divided into beginner, elementary, intermediate, and upper intermediate. There are also answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about grammar and the Chinese language, as well as links for free browser plug-ins for pinyin.

Science is Fun in Spanish
Spanish teachers who are looking for ways to incorporate teaching about science into their language classes may find this site useful. This Spanish language page has science-related anecdotes, experiments, and quizzes. There are also links to stories and books about
science and scientists.

Resources for Young Learners of German
UK–German Connection is “dedicated to increasing contacts and understanding between young people in the UK and Germany.” The kids section of the site has resources for young German language students, including games and quizzes, stories and songs, and activities and recipes for kids to make.

AP Spanish Language and Culture
Created by Carmen Gwenigle, who teaches AP Spanish at West High School in Iowa City, IA, this AP Spanish Language and Culture website offers resources for teachers and students of AP Spanish. Her class focuses on both grammatical accuracy and communicative fluency to help students build proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The syllabus guideline on the site shares six thematic units on language and culture.

Virtual Museum of New France
The Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Virtual Museum of New France shares information about “the French North American adventure” and what drew the French to North America. It presents the French colonial experience from Acadia through Canada to Louisiana. It does so through five main themes: colonies and empires, population, everyday life, economic activities, and heritage

Latin Poetry Podcast
This website features the translation, reading, and discussion of a series of Latin passages. Christopher Francese, Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Dickinson College, who performs the readings, notes on the site that he is open to suggestions for other poems and passages to be read.