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August/September 2015

Free Videos on Language Teaching
Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques (VAULTT) is a collection of videos highlighting various aspects of teaching in the classroom, with each video accompanied by supplementary information in PDF form that explains the techniques and how they relate to best practices in language teaching. VAULTT is offered for free on the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) website. CLEAR, a National Resource Center based at Michigan State University, notes that the materials are based on current research, but are designed to be accessible for teachers with little or no pedagogical training.

Mozilla Add-ons for Language Support
The add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox software (which can be downloaded for free on the site) include EasyAccent, which allows entry of accented characters for languages such as French and Spanish using natural shortcuts. The language support section of the site also has a currency converter as well as dictionaries and word references for languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, and Croatian.

Saber es Práctico
This Spanish-language site has what it describes as useful, day-today information, including articles, maps, photographs, and a list of world capitals. Articles focus on events occurring that day, such as an article about The United Nations General Assembly’s commemoration of the “World Day of Social Justice,” which took place on February 20.

Japanese News and Resources from NHK World
Japan’s NHK World operates international television, radio, and Internet service, and has broadcasts on Japanese culture and lifestyles, in addition to its coverage of national and international news. There are also some Japanese language lessons offered on the website. NHK World TV is an English-language television service, and NHK World Premium is a Japanese-language television distributor of news, entertainment, and sports programs. NHK World Radio Japan broadcasts news and information programs in 18 different languages.

Global Ethics Day Activities
The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is inviting academic institutions around the world to participate in Global Ethics Day on October 16. The organization suggests activities that include lectures, film screenings, debates, panel discussions, or other educational activities that “explore the enduring importance of moral values as they relate to war, peace, and social justice.” According to the council, these events will be run by each institution as it sees fit in the tradition of a “teach-in” model, but the council will promote activities on its website and share any resources that are created among its Global Ethics Network (

German Search Engine for Children
Blinde Kuh Suche has numerous sites that have been sorted for kids, and which teachers of German to young children might find useful for resources. It has links for education, news, sports, culture, and entertainment, as well as online games and comics.