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Special Focus Topics for Future Issues of The Language Educator

As we conclude our 2013–2014 theme series, the staff of The Language Educator and ACTFL are looking forward to presenting more excellent and thought-provoking articles in upcoming issues of the magazine. In consideration of the very positive feedback received on the theme series, we are planning to include a “focus topic” section for each of the next four issues of TLE published in 2014 and 2015.

While these topics will be more specifically focused than the six broad themes that were just featured, we continue to look for innovative and cutting-edge article submissions coming from varied perspectives related to the topic—reflecting different levels, languages, methods, backgrounds, opinions, experiences, and so on. The articles in this focus section will again be double-blind reviewed by two language education experts, in addition to other TLE and ACTFL staff.

August/September 2015—Gaining Intercultural Communicative Competence

How do language and culture connect to prepare learners to communicate with and within other cultures? The ACTFL Position Statement on Global Competence identifies various goals for and approaches to develop global competence. What experiences have guided your learners to reflect on their changing perspectives and hone these skills? Explain how you have linked language and culture for developing learners’ interculturality.

Article submissions due: May 1, 2015

October/November 2015—Transforming the Pathway to Learning

As schools and universities continue to focus on student learning objectives and data-driven outcomes, the pathway to proficiency becomes central to transforming classroom practice. How do you analyze student data within your school-based professional learning communities? How do you measure student gains in a learning environment that is becoming more data-driven, connected, and technological by the moment? How are you enabling the learners in your classroom to self-assess and monitor their own progress? Tell us about how you are transforming language teaching and learning in your classrooms and beyond.

Article submissions due: July 1, 2015