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Advertising with ACTFL: The Voice of Language Learning

Founded in 1967, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) serves a membership of more than 12,500 foreign language educators at all levels of instruction and in all languages, from pre-K to post graduate, as well as government settings. ACTFL is proud to offer advertisers several different ways to market their products and services to this broad community of language educators.

The Language Educator was launched in January 2006 to bring teachers and administrators a high-quality source of news and information on all aspects of language education. The magazine is published four times a year. Each issue is mailed to all 12,500+ ACTFL members, as well as to 5,000+ non-member language professionals around the United States. Every issue of The Language Educator includes feature articles on important developments and trends in language teaching and learning. Special emphasis is placed on new technology, innovative programs, and all levels of education from early language learning through postsecondary study.

ACTFL’s Annual Convention and World Languages Expo represents the largest annual meeting of professionals in all foreign language disciplines. Every year, this exciting meeting draws from a global community that includes teachers and administrators ranging from the elementary to the postsecondary level. The convention audience represents the most committed, active people in the field…the kind who aggressively seek information about products and services from exhibitors and who have influence over buying decisions in their schools and districts. An ad in the Program Guide positions your company as an active supporter of the profession, and it is a marketing tool that will pay dividends throughout the year.

Our ACTFL Connection e-mail newsletters are sent to all 12,500+ ACTFL members every two to three weeks, and include articles on emerging trends in the language education community. ACTFL also sends the Connection e-mail newsletter on a regular basis to member prospects, reaching more than 40,000 additional language educators on a monthly basis. Placing an ad in the ACTFL Connection or on the ACTFL website is a cost-effective and valuable way to increase exposure for your business and to ensure traffic directly to your company’s web-site.

For more information about the outstanding advertising opportunities offered by ACTFL, contact Casey Bloyer at (703) 894-2900 x109.