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How to access your purchased ebooks

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How do I purchase an eBook?

I just bought an eBook, how do I access the files?

After you purchase the eBook, an email from membership@actfl.org will arrive with the subject of “Thank you for your ACTFL Purchase”. All eBooks are fulfilled through our partner vendor, VitalSource. To access your eBook, you must create a VitalSource account (please note, this is not linked or tied to your ACTFL account). Please visit https://actfl.vitalsource.com/ to create an account. If you already have an account, you can immediately redeem your eBook redeem codes.

A unique eBook redeem code will be generated for each eBook product purchased, with a single code generated for any bundled items. If you purchase multiple copies of the same eBook, you will receive a separate, unique code for each copy. You will be responsible for distributing any eBook redeem codes to the appropriate recipients. Codes do not expire but can only be redeemed once.

Immediately after purchase, eBook redeem codes are available in your My ACTFL Portal. After you reach the confirmation page, please use the “Return to My ACTFL” button to return to the Portal. Once inside the Portal, select the “VitalSource eBooks” tab. There you will find an eBook list showing all your purchases with applicable eBook redeem codes.

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Once you have obtained the redeem code, please go to https://actfl.vitalsource.com/ to login and redeem your code(s). Once you have signed in and redeemed your code(s), the eBook(s) will appear on your VitalSource Bookshelf.

You can either read your eBook through the VitalSource Bookshelf, or download their stand-alone app.

Please view our walkthrough videos for how to purchase eBook and find your eBook redeem codes, and for how to set up a VitalSource account and redeem your codes.

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