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Training & Certification

ACTFL offers a variety of training and certification programs designed to meet the individual needs of foreign language educators at all levels of instruction. All ACTFL Certified Testers and Raters are specialized language professionals who have completed a rigorous training process and have met the criteria established for certification by ACTFL. They represent a critical resource to their academic institutions and to the foreign language profession in general. ACTFL Tester and Rater Certifications are highly-valued professional credentials that are recognized nationally and internationally.

ACTFL offers four types of certification: OPI Tester Certification, WPT Rater Certification, OPIc Rater Certification and AAPPL Rater Certification.

The awarding of an ACTFL certification a is validation of one’s understanding of the principles and concepts of oral and written proficiency testing and of one’s ability to apply theory to practice.

Certification as an ACTFL OPI Tester acknowledges a tester’s ability to elicit and rate oral proficiency interviews with a high degree of reliability.

ACTFL OPI Certified Testers:

  • Discounted registration rates for ACTFL OPI workshops.
  • Measure student and program outcomes through Advisory testing.
  • Provide Advisory testing that can be upgraded to official status through the Academic Upgrade option.
  • Assist colleagues in setting program goals and evaluation program outcomes.
  • Conduct OPIs within their own academic institutions for internal purposes such as placement, graduation requirement, research, and program evaluation.
  • Personalized access to online testing resources.
  • Invitation to tester meetings and other select tester events.
  • Priority recruitment for other assessment initiatives.
  • May also conduct official ACTFL testing through the ACTFL Testing Office.

To learn more about OPI Tester Certification as well as our other certification programs, please visit: