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ACTFL Mentor Application

The goal of the ACTFL Mentoring Program is to help early career language educators succeed in their current assignments and learn the skills to be successful long-term in their education profession careers.

Mentors must currently have and maintain an ACTFL membership for the duration of the program. Applicants will be required to submit a letter of support from a supervisor highlighting professional achievements.

Mentors will benefit by:

  • serving as a role model to less experienced colleagues
  • encouraging the professional development of others
  • guiding others to new perspectives and ideas
  • demonstrating values and behaviors that promote quality performance in others
  • building a positive relationship as an advisor and coach
  • recognizing the talents and abilities of others
  • contributing to the future of the profession

Mentors and mentees are not matched based on geographic proximity, but rather by needs and skills. In making the match between a mentor and a mentee, we look at the environment in which the participants teach, the needs of the mentee, and the skills of the mentor. The introductory meeting will take place by phone, after which the mentor and mentee will determine the best form and frequency of communication that works for their needs and schedules. It is expected that most communication will take place virtually and at least once a month.

Mentors and mentees who find themselves attending the same conference, being in the same city, etc, are encouraged to get together.

We realize that the dynamics of any relationship can be very complicated and unseen factors can affect the success. As a successful mentoring program depends greatly on the relationship between the mentee and the mentor, either the mentee or the mentor may ask ACTFL to reassign them if the relationship isn’t beneficial. We ask that participants give the relationship a minimum of three (3) months before asking to be reassigned.

All mentoring relationships will last for one (1) school year.