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Forming a New SIG: American Sign Language

ACTFL ASL SIG Mission Statement:

  1. Create training and instruction to support American Sign Language Teachers as they improve their teaching.
  2. Create a bridge between existing ASL communities (Gallaudet and ASLTA) and ACTFL.  Outreach to develop relations between ACTFL and ASL communities.
  3. Advocate for the development of standards for ASL teachers.
  4. Provide more research resources and educational opportunities that will help improve the standards of ASL teaching and language acquisition.

I am signing this form in support of forming an ACTFL Special Interest Group (SIG) on the topic of American Sign Language.

Completing the form does not commit you to joining the SIG if it is formed.

What Our Members Are Saying

ACTFL’s membership is a crucial element of my professional toolbox. As an educator, author, parent, consultant, and language learning advocate, ACTFL’s forward-moving vision and inclusive approach provide me with the knowledge, resources and networking opportunities that I need to expand my horizons and advance in my career. I feel that I belong to a community that works together towards a common goal.

Ana Lomba, Preschool Languages Specialist