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Workshop FAQs

My entire Wo​rld Language team (10 people) would need to go through this training together. We teach Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and German. Do you do mixed language training for the same cost?

Yes, you can have up to ten people for the same price. Everyone can still apply for certification in language of their choice.

Do you​r presenters work on the weekends or do we need to schedule the entire training during the work week?

Absolutely! Any combination of any two, three or four successive days that work for you.

How ​would you like us to arrange payment?

ACTFL will send an invoice to you before the workshop and you can pay by credit card, check or money order.

Who books t​he flights, hotel, etc.?

Once you have contracted with ACTFL for a particular trainer and workshop, you will communicate directly with the trainer to make all travel and hotel reservations. You may book the hotel and flight directly for the trainer or ask them to do it and then reimburse them.

Are we required to get certified after the training or can teachers pursue certification on their own?

That is up to the individual workshop participant. Certification will be discussed at the end of each workshop and participants will have a month to decide whether or not to pursue certification.

Is there a cost for certification? 

Yes, the fee is $350.00 per person. Please go to for detailed certification information.