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E.E. Waddell Language Academy Wins Prestigious National Award

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The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) recognized E.E. Waddell  Language Academy located in Charlotte, NC during the 2012 ACTFL Annual Convention as the recipient of the ACTFL Melba D. Woodruff Award for Exemplary Elementary Foreign Language Program. This award recognizes programs that are exemplary in five areas: Program Model, Curriculum, Staffing, Advocacy and Achievement.

Students at Waddell have the opportunity to use their language skills in an authentic setting when taking part in an international exchange.  Waddell developed a strong network of effective relationships with schools and universities in Germany, France, and Japan with international organizations and businesses that support their programs. To quote one of the nominators: “I cannot think of a better way to prepare our students for the global experience which is more and more recognized to be their future.”

Ynez Olshausen, Principal of E.E. Waddell Language Academy accepted the award stating that “Every year our language immersion magnet school grows, as more families become aware of the importance of world language proficiency in our global economy. In 6 languages of instruction, we are ensuring that every one of our students is globally competitive and well-prepared for college and career. We are confident that our students will be equipped for their global future with strong academic skills, advanced proficiency in a second language, and the ability to thrive in a diverse and multicultural society.”

The Melba D. Woodruff Award was established in 2004 with funds from a series of national conferences on foreign language acquisition by children donated by Dr. Michael Evans and Dr. Rosemarie Benya to recognize an exemplary K-6 foreign language program.  An annual stipend of $500, which will be award to the school, is provided by Wright Group/McGraw Hill publishers.


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012