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Teacher-to-Teacher: Call for Languages Presenters

U.S. Department of Education

News for Teachers: Teacher-to-Teacher Training Corps

Call for Trainers in Foreign Language and Mandarin Chinese

Last fall, the U.S. Department of Education announced the formation of the Teacher-to-Teacher Training Corps. The corps consists of effective teachers and practitioners who provide on-site technical assistance and regional workshops for teachers and school districts. This team is an expansion of the popular Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops that have been offered in cities across the nation for the past two summers.

The Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative is interested in expanding the number of foreign language trainers in the corps, particularly in Mandarin Chinese.  We are looking for teachers and school leaders who use scientifically based research strategies and who have data to demonstrate effectiveness.  Topics could include areas of high interest to all foreign language educators including classroom technology, student oral and written proficiency, language instruction across the curriculum and standards-based instruction, as well as topics that specifically address teaching elementary and secondary students of Mandarin Chinese.

Trainers will share the research underlying these practices and their experience with implementing them in classrooms and schools.  The goal of the Teacher-to-Teacher Training Corps is to support district level professional development efforts by providing demonstrations by expert teacher and administrators of ways to improve student academic performance through increased content knowledge and improved pedagogical skill. Participants should leave sessions with ready-to-use strategies and an understanding of why and when those strategies are effective.

Members of the Teacher-to-Teacher Training Corps are eligible to participate in workshops for teachers during 2006.  They are also eligible to make presentations at the Department’s summer workshops in 2006 and special workshops focusing on foreign language and Mandarin Chinese.

The members of the corps support participants through e-mail mentoring, e-Learning presentations, webcasts and follow-up visits, some of which have already begun with the Teacher-to-Teacher workshop providers.

To apply for this corps, you must submit a complete proposal, which should include your PowerPoint presentation and handouts.  In order to be considered for the Teacher-to-Teacher Training Corps, your proposal must be received by March 17, 2006.  Please visit our Web site at http://www.ed.gov/teacherinitiative for additional information about submitting your presentation.

If you are selected, the U.S. Department of Education will provide travel, accommodations, and a $1,000 honorarium for planning, preparation and participation for each training event. You will have the flexibility to determine the level of your participation in workshops during 2006.  Two workshops focusing on Mandarin Chinese are being planned for July.

  • We are looking for presenters who weave content and pedagogy together.
  • Each presentation should include relevant research.
  • Each presentation should include evidence that your work has made a difference in student achievement.
  • Each presentation should be interactive and use principles of adult learning.
  • Each presentation should be 90 minutes long; however, you may be asked to adapt it to fit the needs of a district.
  • If you work directly with students, you must be highly qualified according to your state’s definition in order to participate.Please include proof of this with your application, as well as information about which foreign languages you instruct.

All presenters will be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Education. 

More information on the Department’s Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative is posted on the Web at  http://www.ed.gov/teachers/how/tools/initiative/about/information.html. You may also wish to view workshop sessions from our e-Learning at http://www.paec.org/teacher2teacher/.  Forward any questions to teacherquality@westat.com or call (888) 831-1338.

Please indicate the topic, language, and grade level(s) for your presentation. 

More information about the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative is available at our Web site: http://www.ed.gov/teachers/how/tools/initiative/about/information.html.

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Teacher-to-Teacher Fact Sheet


Wednesday, February 1, 2006