ACTFL Announces Changes to OPI Certification Program

CONTACT: Professional Learning and Certification Department

Effective October 1, 2021, the price for the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Certification Program will increase to $450. ACTFL is dedicated to providing quality and fairly priced education and certification opportunities to our members, and this program change reflects our commitment to that.

The OPI Certification Program has been updated over the past several years. ACTFL contracts high-quality Subject Matter Experts (i.e., our language-specific mentors) who guide candidates through the certification process and provide valuable feedback. As the nature of our program has expanded and our mentors work with an increased number of candidates in more direct and beneficial ways, we want to ensure that they are provided a fair and competitive pay rate for their contributions. Additionally, we are updating several technological and procedural components of the OPI certification process, to include a new enhanced Learning Management System on which the OPI Certification modules are hosted. These changes will provide a more user-friendly, accessible, and efficient process, keep the program running efficiently and maintain the talent ACTFL has built over the years.

Many candidates already have an active OPI score or have the ability to receive an OPI at a discounted rate through their own academic institution. Consequently, we will now be requiring candidates to take the OPI exam on their own and provide the certificate of proficiency prior to enrollment in the program. You will be able to schedule this directly through Language Testing International (LTI) or, if someone in your institution is already certified, you will be able to have an advisory OPI certified through LTI. This will also be effective as of October 1.