SIG Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for a new Special Interest Group (SIG). Please make sure to review the Special Interest Group Guidelines for information on the full process and next steps. The below form must be filled out to submit a new SIG for consideration. Please note, this web form does not have the ability to save drafts, or partial submissions. We suggest drafting your responses in a Word document and copying/pasting answers into the web form to avoid potentially losing any responses.

The following form must be filled out in entirety for the proposed SIG to be considered. Please note, ACTFL staff may follow up with you for clarification of submitted responses. Please allow up to 60 days for ACTFL staff to review and consider any submitted proposals.

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Please provide your responses to the following sections:

The explanation should include the evidence that no other SIG current meets the needs that will be addressed by the proposed SIG, specifically including why the creation of a new SIG, rather than a focus group within an existing SIG is warranted (e.g. is the score broad enough to warrant a separate SIG?)