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Critical Literacies in World Languages for Transformative Education (CLWLTE)

Critical Literacies in World Languages for Transformative Education (CLWLTE) identifies its mission to:

  1. Build creative and rigorous community for encouraging instructional practices that speak to local conditions and how world language learning can build new insights for transforming local conditions and facing global realities.
  2. Design ways for teachers and students to work toward social justice projects making their conditions known to the audiences that can be helpful in constructing ecological responses / solutions.
  3. Construct social networks that encourage both traditional and new literacies development of tools and skills for carrying out communication and knowledge development in ways that reach real audiences that matter (stakeholders) with real emotions and creative thinking for issues that matter.
  4. Provide forum for research and theorizing that examine the affordances of innovative socially oriented projects.
  5. Create dialogs with stakeholders in diverse communities to identify goals and resources for instructional transformation (e.g. seek out demonstration projects in Chicago, New York, Boston, etc., and perhaps get the Great City Schools involved in some way).

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What Our Members Are Saying

ACTFL’s membership is a crucial element of my professional toolbox. As an educator, author, parent, consultant, and language learning advocate, ACTFL’s forward-moving vision and inclusive approach provide me with the knowledge, resources and networking opportunities that I need to expand my horizons and advance in my career. I feel that I belong to a community that works together towards a common goal.

Ana Lomba, Preschool Languages Specialist