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Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL)

Mission statement:

The LCTL SIG is concerned with the teaching and learning of the Less Commonly Taught Languages in the United States and provides a voice for all those involved in the learning and teaching of LCTLs: teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members. The mission of this SIG is to promote the learning, knowledge and needs of LCTLs and development of policies of sharing of best teaching practices across all levels, K through 16+. LCTL SIG members share among themselves experience and expertise in performance-based instruction, curriculum development, teacher training and development, assessment, program supervision, research, and policies impacting LCTLs. The LCTL SIG promotes ACTFL's commitment to reflecting the broad diversity of American society, and serves as an incubator for emerging language fields.

Current Officers:

Chair: Danko Sipka, Arizona State University
Vice-Chair: Yasuko Rallings, Wake Forest University
Secretary: Rebecca Brazzale, Brigham Young University

Read minutes from previous SIG business meetings. Access the LCTL SIG Online Community eGroup.

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What Our Members Are Saying

ACTFL has always been a powerful source for learning and networking in our profession. As a member for over 25 years, ACTFL has definitely shaped the way I teach and learn.

Toni Theisen, Loveland High School