Minfang Maguire

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Minfang Maguire

Meet Minfang Maguire

Educator at Chia Chinese Learning in Washington, DC. Also being named one of the 2019 ACTFL Teacher of the Year Finalists.

Level: Elementary

I teach: Mandarin Chinese

Favorite Part of being an ACTFL Member:

I joined ACTFL to learn about other teachers' work and experiences. It's also my go-to place to get the latest about world language learning for my school and my students.

Favorite Part of Career:

Being a firm believer in Experiential Learning, my favorite moments are all about taking my students to a Chinese restaurant, ordering boba teas, or shopping for the ingredients to make dumplings. My students get to immerse the target language in real-life scenarios.

One thing I Recently Learned:

In the past year, I started my own school with my partner. We wanted to offer the best learning experiences to young children from PreK-8. I got to practice my favorite teaching methods and connect deeply with my students and their families. I learned that having a strong and positive relationship with the students and their families make me reflect and improve my teaching faster, which of course helps my students learn even better.

Fun Fact:

I studied in France before moving to the US with my American husband. So I speak French at home, teach Chinese in school, and only speak English when I'm not in those places.

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