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Levels & Fees

Beginning July 1, 2016, ACTFL transitioned to new membership levels, allowing language educators to choose the benefits that best help them achieve their professional goals. Unless otherwise noted, all prices listed are for a period of one year. Auto-renewal and installment payment options available.

All members receive full membership benefits unless otherwise noted.  All ACTFL memberships are for the individual listed and are non-transferable and non-refundable.



Online access to membership benefits
$45 – 1 year
$85 – 2 years
$125 – 3 years


All the benefits of Basic, along with print TLE and FLA and membership in one additional SIG
$85 – 1 year
$160 – 2 years
$235 – 3 years

Preferred (Publications)

All the benefits of Plus, along with access to all ACTFL e-books and 2 printed publications per year
$165 – 1 year
$310 – 2 years
$465 – 3 years

Preferred (Professional Development)

All the benefits of Plus, along with access to three (3) Virtual Learning Module series per year

Currently included with new memberships, July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017:

$325 – 1 year
$600 – 2 years
$875 – 3 years


All the benefits of Plus and Preferred, combined into one package
$375 – 1 year
$700 – 2 years
$975 – 3 years


International fee
Required for all non-US, non-Basic member levels.  Fee is per year for each year of membership.
Price: $50/year
Special Interest Groups
Individuals must be a member of ACTFL to join a Special Interest Group The Basic membership level includes one free SIG. The Plus, Preferred, and Premium membership levels include two free SIGs. SIGs are priced for one year; individuals purchasing multi-year membership will need to multiple the price of the SIG by the number of years to join the SIG for the length of membership.  Members may join as many SIGs as they wish.
Basic membership: 1 free SIG, each thereafter is $5.
Plus, Preferred, and Premium membership: 2 free SIGs, each thereafter is $5


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What Our Members Are Saying

ACTFL’s membership is a crucial element of my professional toolbox. As an educator, author, parent, consultant, and language learning advocate, ACTFL’s forward-moving vision and inclusive approach provide me with the knowledge, resources and networking opportunities that I need to expand my horizons and advance in my career. I feel that I belong to a community that works together towards a common goal.

Ana Lomba, Preschool Languages Specialist