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ACTFL Membership Levels FAQ

Beginning July 1, 2016, ACTFL transitioned to new membership levels, allowing language educators to choose the benefits that best help them achieve their professional goals.

New Membership Levels FAQ’s

I’m already a current ACTFL member, how does this impact me?

Your membership will remain at the current level until you are due to renew. At that time, you will be transitioned to the new levels and may choose the level best suited for your needs.

I already renewed, can I switch to the new member category?

Unfortunately we cannot transfer or change your membership level until you are set to renew. At that time, you may choose from the new levels.

I have a three year membership, does this mean it will be cut short?

Your membership will remain as is until you are due to renew, so in three years, you will be switched to the new levels. Until then, you will remain at the level you currently have and will not lose any benefits or be penalized.

What is the benefit of the new levels?

The new levels were created to give members a greater ability to choose the benefits that they desire and value most. All levels of membership still include the same benefits: discounts on publications, professional development, workshops and Convention, full access to the Community, insurance discounts, one free Special Interest Group, scholarship opportunities, and more.

The new levels include benefits such as: one additional free Special Interest Group, access to all e-books, and two additional print publications, and access to three Virtual Learning Module Series (VLMs) for one year.

When did the new member levels take affect?

The new levels began on July 1, 2016. At that time, all those due to renew will be placed under the new member levels. All those who are not due to renew will remain at their current level until they are due to renew.

I’m currently a student, what level should I join at?

The Basic level mirrors your current existing membership, with online access to TLE and FLA, along with the other normal benefits. Of course, you’re welcome to choose from any of the available levels.

I’m an international member, which options can I choose?

You are welcome to choose any! The Basic level includes only online access to The Language Educator and Foreign Language Annals, so there are no international shipping fees. The levels of Plus, Preferred, and Premium include both online and print TLE and FLA, but also include an international shipping fee. The Preferred and Premium levels also include access to our publications or Virtual Learning Modules as part of the benefits.

General Membership FAQ’s

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year? Do I pay the full amount of dues for the first year, or a prorated amount?

Your membership term is for one year beginning on the day you join ACTFL. Individual members have individual renewal dates. Therefore, the amount for your first year of membership is the full dues amount.

What forms of payment do you accept for ACTFL membership?

Membership payment can be made via check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), and purchase order.

When I join ACTFL, am I automatically enrolled in my state or regional society (or vice versa)?

No, memberships in your state and/or regional societies are separate. ACTFL encourages you to join your state or regional society as well to gain full access to professional development and networking opportunities in your geographic area.

How does auto-renewal work?

With auto-renewal, you don’t need to worry about having to renew each year. It authorizes ACTFL to process your saved credit card information each year. This way, you don’t have to worry about remembering to renew, or accidentally forgetting to renew. If you are interested in auto-renewal, please contact the membership department at (703) 894-2900 or

How do the installment payment options work?

With installments, you have the option of spreading out your membership payments. This allows you to incrementally pay the fee and still have access to all your normal ACTFL benefits. If you are interested in installments, please contact the membership department at (703) 894-2900 or

I no longer work in language education, can I give my membership to a former colleague?

Membership dues are nonrefundable and membership is nontransferable. Your colleague is more than welcome to join, but we can’t gift your membership unfortunately.  Please let our membership department know any information changes so we can update our database.

What does ACTFL membership cover?

ACTFL membership covers one individual. It does not give membership to your entire organization/institution. Individual membership is required for each person wishing access to ACTFL benefits.

How can I add or change my Special Interest Group (SIG)?

When joining ACTFL or renewing your membership, you will have the option to select your Special Interest Group (SIG). The first SIG is included at no additional fees with all levels of membership. For Basic levels, each additional SIG thereafter is a $5 fee per year. For Plus, Preferred, and Premium levels, the second SIG is included at no additional fee, each additional SIG thereafter is a $5 fee per year. SIGs are priced for one year; individuals purchasing multi-year membership will need to multiple the price of the SIG by the number of years to join the SIG for the length of membership. Members may join as many SIGs as they wish.

Once an application or renewal is received and processed, we are not able to change your SIG selection. You may add additional SIGs for the $5 fee, but we are not able to switch your enrollment. The enrollment in the additional SIGs will coincide with your membership renewal date and will not be extended. You can find your renewal date and memberships status in the ‘My ACTFL’ portal.  Please contact to verify in which SIG you are currently enrolled, and to make payments for additional SIGs.

What Our Members Are Saying

ACTFL has always been a powerful source for learning and networking in our profession. As a member for over 25 years, ACTFL has definitely shaped the way I teach and learn.

Toni Theisen, Loveland High School