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Digital Badges

What are digital badges

Digital badges are online representations of earned knowledge and skills. Badges make it easy to validate and make visible the variety of learning that happens in formal and informal contexts. Most importantly, they have the potential to help change how we assign value to what, where, and how people learn.

How do digital badges work?

Just like the physical badges that various organizations use to showcase achievements and accomplishments, digital badges have a similar purpose. Due to the fact that they are digital and online means that an additional layer of information can be incorporated into the badge to tell a more complete story of the accomplishment, including information about how it was earned, who issued it, and even a link back to an artifact relating to the work behind the badge.

What benefits do digital badges provide?

Badges are often seen as a mechanism for motivating participation and collaboration by increasing the potential for recognition and enhancing one’s identity and reputation. One of the most interesting applications of badges, however, is in the potential to create a system of alternative credentialing through these competency-based signals of achievement.

Why does ACTFL want to start issuing digital badges?

ACTFL sees digital badges as an innovative way to foster collaboration and recognize the diverse skills and accomplishments of language educators. It is ACTFL’s hope that digital badges will become a universally accepted means of professional credentialing. Digital badges have the potential to help transform how learning is assessed.


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What Our Members Are Saying

ACTFL offers its members a professional home where they can connect, share, network and energize. I belong to ACTFL because I am a language educator, and implicit in that is the idea of constantly developing professionally. I am always looking for ways to better the learning experience for my students. ACTFL continues to provide me with opportunities to do so.

Pablo Muirhead, Milwaukee Area Technical College