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Charter Members

ACTFL is proud to recognize its charter members. These individuals joined ACTFL as it began promoting foreign language learning in the United States. We all owe a debt of gratitude to them for their leadership and vision in this important mission that still continues today. ACTFL is still the only U.S. national organization representing all languages and levels in the foreign language profession. We extend a heartfelt "thank you" to these individuals and to everyone who has helped ACTFL along the way.

James E. Alatis, Georgetown University
Edward Allen
Howard B. Altman, University of Louisville
Donald H. Anderson
Keith O. Anderson, St. Olaf College
Jermaine D. Arendt
Edwin P. Arnold, Clemson University
Sheila S Ashley
Robert P. Austin
Reid E. Baker
Robert L. Baker
Alice R. Balk
Marilyn J. Barrueta, Yorktown High School
John W. Barthel
Irving H. Becker
Jacqueline Benevento, Rowan University
Jean-Pierre Berwald, Univ of Massachusetts
Ann A. Beusch, Maryland Department of Education
Amalia Biester
Dorothy E. Bishop
Richard E. Boswell
Laurel A. Briscoe
E H. Butkus
June Calen
Benita B. Campbell, Kent Denver School
Juanita Carfora
Lolita Carfora
Louise A. Carlson
Mary M. Carr
Jane J. Chamberlain
Barbara M. Chandler
Walter L. Chatfield
Marianne C. Ciotti
Joan E. Ciruti
John L.D. Clark
Elizabeth W. Cloud, Neumann College
Pedro I Cohen
Mary C. Colin
Joseph T. Connell
Marilyn Conwell, Rosemont College
Margaret M. Corgan
Jacqueline Cork, Westminster Academy
Norman R. Cote
Joanna Breedlove Crane, Educational Consultant
Leonard R. Criminale
William C. Crossgrove, Brown University
David Crowner, Gettysburg College
Norman Damerau
Francis J. Dannerbeck, Univ. of South Carolina
John Darcey, University of Connecticut
John Defrancis
Carl Dellaccio
William E. De Lorenzo
Gerard A. Desjardins
Georges R. Desrosiers
Guy G. Di Stepano
Robert J. DiPietro
R Thomas Douglass
Phyllis J. Dragonas, Melrose Public Schools
Roland E. Durette
F. Alan DuVal
Patricia V. Egan Turner, New Trier High School
Walter G. Eggmann, Hasbrouck Heights MS/HS
Marilyn C. Eisenhardt
Jacqueline C. Elliott, Univ. of Tennessee Emeritus
Margritt A. Engel, U of AK Anchorage
Victor Maurice Faubert
Eveline Felsten
Edward G. Fichtner
Mario Fierros, Glendale Community College
James F. Ford
Joanne Foster, James Caldwell HS
Robert R. Fournier
Ernest A Frechette
Herschel Frey, University of Pittsburgh
T. Bruce Fryer, Univ. Of South Carolina
Joe K. Fugate, Kalamazoo College
Philip A. Fulvi
Estella Gahala, Private Consultant
Paul A. Garcia, University of Kansas
Alan Garfinkel, Purdue University
Francoise P. Gebhart
Hanna Geldrich-Leffman
C. William Gemmer
Robert Gilman, Mission High School
Anthony Gradisnik
Virginia L. Gramer, Hinsdale Elem School Dist 181
Carolyn M. Gray
Frank M. Grittner
Ida Grober
Michio P. Hagiwara, University of Michigan
Bernard Hardy
William N. Hatfield, Purdue University
Margarete L. Hilts, La Sierra University
Robert L Hinshalwood
Wilma Hoffmann
Dorothy B. Holland
Dolores R. Hudson
Don Iodice
James L. Jacobs
Gilbert A. Jarvis, The Ohio State University
Albert W. Jekenta
Valentin Kamenew
Mary Helen Kashuba, Chestnut Hill College
Thomas W. Kelly
Dora F. Kennedy, University of Maryland
Joseph R. Kennedy
Elizabeth A. Kiefer
Sumako Kimizuka
Arthur S. Kimmel
Max S. Kirch
Max Klamm
Wallace G. Klein
Constance K. Knop
Marlise C. Konort
Christopher Koy
Bernard P. Lebeau
Victor F. Leeber
Ellen Leeder, Barry University
Kenneth A. Lester
Stephen L. Levy
Gladys C. Lipton, National FLES* Institute
Rebecca Liskey
Gerald E. Logan
Paul Luckau
Robert A. Macdonald
Bruce H. Mainous, University of Illinois
Barbara A. Maitland
Andre Maman
E Jules Mandel
Patricia Manfredi
J.O. Rocky Maynes, Jr.
Robert H. McGlynn
Lester McKim, Pacific Lutheran University
Robert G. Mead, Jr.
Helmut Meyerbach
Judith M. Michaels, West Depere Public Schools
Joseph Michel
Arthur Micozzi
Marcia S. Miller, Jr.
Jane Tucker Mitchell
Marlin M. Mittag
Jack Moeller, Oakland University
Karen S. Montgomery
Raymond Moody, University of Hawaii
J Michael Moore
Genelle G. Morain
Maria Olivia Munoz
Richard W. Newman
Frances B. Nostrand
Howard L Nostrand, Univ of Washington
Leroy A. Oberlander
F. Andre Paquette
Paul W. Peterson
Erwin A. Petri, Kean University
Edward S. Phinney
Travis B. Poole
Elaine S. Potoker
John M. Purcell, Cleveland State Univ.
Dorothea R. Rahn
Raji M. Rammuny, University of Michigan
Gerhard Rauscher
Dona B. Reeves-Marquardt, Southwest Texas State University
Margaret C. Rehring
Andrew I. Rematore
William Rice, Albany State University
Charles P. Richardson
Leo N. Rinaldi
Wilga M. Rivers, Harvard University
Rose A. Rose
Ferdinand Ruplin, SUNY at Stony Brook
Norman Sacks, University of Wisconsin
Lynn A. Sandstedt
Frances Schering
Gerd K. Schneider, Syracuse University
Shirley J. Schreiweis, Wilson HS
Maryalice D. Seagrave
Richard K. Seymour
Mary C. Shapiro
David C. Siebenhar, Miami University
Pierre B Simonian
Grace C. Skelley
Russell J Sloun
Alfred N. Smith, Utah State University
Philip E. Smith
Philip D. Smith
W Flint Smith
Luis Soto-Ruiz, Marquette University
Charles Stansfield, Second Language Testing Inc.
James R. Stebbins, James Whitcomb Riley HS
Gabriele R. Stiven
Rebecca J. Stracener
Lorraine A. Strasheim
Rosalie Streng, Maine Township HS
Helena Stuart
Rodney Swenson
Alex L. Szaszy
Mahmood Taba-Tabai, Defense Language Institute FL Center
Pearl G. Tarnor
Anna Taussig
Jean Teel
Esther S. Tillman
Paul Tully
Albert Turner, Benedictine University
Joseph Tursi, SUNY Stony Brook
Rebecca M. Valette, Boston College
Morris Vos, Western Illinois Univ
Louis A. Wagner, Allegheny College Box A
Helen P. Warriner-Burke
Hal Wingard, Calif Language Teachers Assoc
Joe Wipf, Purdue University
David E. Wolfe
Mary Lou Wolsey
Winfred O. Wright
Bernice B. Yarbro
John D Yarbro
Helene Zimmer-Loew
Carrie May K. Zintl

This listing has been developed from historical files. ACTFL staff has made every effort to ensure that this listing is accurate and complete. If we have made a mistake or you have updated information, please accept our apologies and contact ACTFL at (703) 894-2900 so we can correct this list.

What Our Members Are Saying

I cannot tell you how invaluable these have been for me in my standards work with my district.  I have shared portions of them with my teachers as part of our summer professional development and I am also using the information and philosophies with my curriculum writers this summer.  I feel compelled to thank you all once again for your forethought in providing this amazing resource to all of us in such a 21st Century format!

Sandy Harvey, World Language Coordinator, Fort Bend ISD, Texas