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Where is Registration located and what hours is it open?

How do I receive my badge?

Can I get a replacement badge?

How do I register onsite?

Can I register for a pre-convention workshop onsite?

Can I purchase a ticket for a breakfast or luncheon onsite?

How can I get a receipt for my Convention registration?

Where is the Exhibit Hall located and what are the hours?

Can I bring my child/baby to the Convention?

What are the shuttle routes and schedule?

How do I access wireless internet in the MCC?

Why isn’t the convention itinerary that I created online showing up in my mobile app?

When and where is the Opening General Session going to be held?

Where are the meeting rooms located?

Where are the Electronic Poster Sessions located?

Where are the Roundtable Sessions located?

Where is the ACTFL Awards Ceremony held?

Am I able to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) at ACTFL 2017?

Where can I pick up my Certificate of Attendance?

I was unable to attend a session I was interested in, can I get a copy of the handouts?

What is the Speaker Ready Room?

I am presenting a session. What AV is included and where can I order additional AV?

How can I be notified about program changes and notifications?

Can I purchase ACTFL publications and products during the Convention?

Is there a photo booth at the Convention?

Where are the concessions located?

Where is the First Aid Office?

Is there a business center in the Music City Center?

Where can I find a concierge desk in the Music City Center?

Is there a lost and found?

How can I submit comments about the Convention to ACTFL?

How do I submit a proposal for ACTFL 2018?

Where is next year’s Convention?

How can I access the Online Convention Program or Program Guide PDF?