French in Normandy

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Who should apply?

Methods Course: French language teachers with minimum level required B2.

Language Course: Teachers who need to improve their skills in French language, minimum level required is B1.

2023 Programs


  • French in Normandy
  • Number of Scholarships Offered: 2
  • Location: Rouen, France
  • Scholarship Description:
    • The scholarship includes 25 hours per week + 5 non mandatory hours (including; registration, materials, access to internet in the school and access to school platform for individual training).
    • 1 scholarship is offered to teachers with skills in French language (oral and writing) to be improved in a 82+ or C1 level class. The course will enhance participants' competence in communication and promote awareness of French history and culture.
    • 1 scholarship is offered to teachers (with minimum 82+ or C1 level) in methodology to help them teach more efficiently (ICT tools, innovative ideas, reflection and feedback, awareness of contemporary France, sharing knowledge and experiences, social and vocational contexts
  • Dates of Course(s): Methods Course: 7/10/2023 & 8/14/2023; Language Improvement: Every Monday until the end of August 2023.
  • Application Deadline: 4/30/2023