Unlocking Early Language Programs: The Power of Meaningful Connections!

Facilitator-in-Training: Bárbara Barnett

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Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 7:00pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time

It's ALL about meaningful connections! Immerse yourself in a dynamic 90-minute webinar where you'll uncover the intricate web of connections that drive sustainable early language programs. Unleash the superhero potential of your language learners by integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their proficiency journey. Harness the transformative power of NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements and CASEL's SEL framework to foster empathy, responsibility, and positive real-world relationships. Seamlessly navigate the challenges of curriculum planning with thematic units, creating lessons that cater to diverse learner needs while laying a robust foundation for proficiency. This session equips early language educators with valuable unit planning skills, providing a comprehensive template to spark creativity and develop engaging thematic units that resonate across all teaching levels. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your language teaching approach and empower your students on their path to proficiency!

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Bárbara Barnett

Proud Puerto Rican with Cuban seasoning, Bárbara Barnett avidly believes that all children must have access to high-quality language programming, regardless of learning needs, race/ethnic origin, socioeconomic status, home language, or future academic goals, starting at the earliest age possible. With this mission in mind, Bárbara has taught Spanish across K-12 grades, supervised K-12 programming, and led professional learning on topics such as proficiency-based instruction, elementary programming, student engagement, SEL, social justice, and equity for all. Committed to service and giving back to the language community, Bárbara is NNELL’s treasurer, a member of MAFLA’s Board of Directors, and serves on various committees across the language community. Now over two decades into her career, Bárbara is living her dream as the K-5 Department Head for World Languages at Wellesley Public Schools, where she leads the development of a thematic curriculum anchored in proficiency.