Moving from Intermediate to Advanced Proficiency by Incorporating Integrated Performance Assessments into the Curriculum

Facilitator-in-Training: Dr. Yu (Joyce) Wu

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 7:00pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time

Advanced proficiency is usually required for working professionals pursuing teaching, business, international diplomacy, etc. However, the jump from Intermediate to Advanced is challenging for learners and curriculum designers. How can we align curricular goals with effective assessments that guide and push learners to achieve Advanced proficiency? This 90-minute webinar will introduce how to set up integrated performance assessments with real-world purposes to push Intermediate learners to develop Advanced-level proficiency.

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Dr. Yu (Joyce) Wu

Dr. Yu (Joyce) Wu is an Associate Professor at the University of Rhode Island. She currently serves on the Board of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (USA), New England Chinese Language Teachers Association (NECLTA), and College Board AP Chinese Development Committee. Her research focuses on second language acquisition, proficiency-based teaching and assessment, individual differences, and proficiency and intercultural communicative competence development in immersion contexts. She has won the URI College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award, and the Rhode Island Foreign Language Association Mary L. Borra Excellence Award. Dr. Wu regularly presents at national and international conferences, and has conducted teacher training for Middlebury College Chinese Summer School, NECLTA, Western Kentucky University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Shanxi University, etc. Her recent publications include peer-reviewed articles in Foreign Language Annals, book chapters, and a co-authored textbook series Progressive Chinese: An Intermediate Chinese Textbook《前进中文:中级课程