Consulting for ACTFL

ACTFL seeks Burmese language consultants to participate in a work group tasked with creating scoring protocol for listening and reading proficiency tests. This test is being developed by the Defense Language Institute on behalf of the US government.

During the five-day work session, participants will take the test and then discuss each question to determine the likelihood of the test-taker answering it correctly. This will be a research-based discussion. The work session will take place March 11- 15 (8am-5pm, 5 work days) in Maryland near BWI Airport—travel/lodging expenses will be fully covered by the DLI for each participant.


  • Advanced or professional level proficiency in the given target language (Burmese)
  • Professional level proficiency in English reading and listening
  • Previous professional experience using Burmese (e.g., research professionals, lecturers, language instructors, translators, interpreters, journalists) or using the language in context of the Department of Defense
  • Having received higher education in the target language culture is a plus.
  • Excellent listening and writing skills in the target language and in English.
  • A valid U.S. work authorization is a must.

To apply

If you are interested in this consulting assignment, please email us and attach a current copy of your CV or resume. Please include in the email evidence of your recent experience in the target culture and the target language, most preferably in a professional/educational setting.

Email us to learn about the honorarium for participating in this study. All travel/lodging expenses and per diem meals are paid by ACTFL.

Send this page to qualified colleagues!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.