OPI Tester Recertification

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ACTFL OPI Tester Certification is awarded for a four-year period. At the end of that period, all testers must re-certify. There are 3 tracks towards recertification that are available depending on your rating activities during the course of the 4-year certification period. To qualify for recertification, all OPI Testers must either complete the online recertification course or be an active rater with LTI who meets eligibility requirements.

OPI Testers may re-certify under three different "tracks." The recertification requirements differ from track to track.

Step 1: Recertification Application

Testers who are approaching the end of their four-year certification period should apply for recertification before their certification expiration date and pay the recertification fee. Applications can be submitted as follows:

1. Online: Access the online certification application. (Login required)

2. Submit the application by mail or fax: Download the PDF application, fill it out, and send to:

ACTFL – OPI Tester Certification
1001 North Fairfax Street
Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax: (703) 894-2905

Step 2: Online Recertification Course

The OPI Tester Recertification course is available to all ACTFL OPI testers online. The online refresher includes self-guided activities and exercises to review the principles introduced during the original OPI Assessment workshop and the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Speaking; it also includes the submission of OPI interviews for review by mentor.

  • The recertification course is entirely online and is self-paced. It is open year-round and will be made available to you after your recertification application is approved. You will be provided with the link and access information to the e-course after your application has been approved.

Grace Period:

In the event that a tester’s Recertification process is not successfully completed prior to the expiration date, there is a 90-day grace period during which a tester maintains all rights and privileges of OPI Tester Certification.

Step 3: Selecting a Recertification Track

There are three options for recertification, depending upon how active the tester has been during the four years since becoming certified. Recertification tasks differ from track to track. Each track is outlined below.

Track A for Active Testers with LTI

OPI testers who actively perform Official ACTFL OPI Testing, conduct ratable samples, and rate reliably when assigning Official ACTFL OPI Ratings under the auspices of the ACTFL testing office, Language Testing International (LTI).

Upon ACTFL’s review of your testing activity with LTI, you may go ahead with the recertification process.

Track A recertification tasks include:

  • Submit recertification application form (Track A)
  • Submit current resume/CV
  • Sign OPI Tester Agreement

Track B for Occasional Testers

OPI testers who conduct OPIs from time to time within their own institutions and may or may not occasionally conduct or rate tests through LTI

Track B recertification tasks include:

Submit recertification application form (Track B)

  • Submit current resume/CV
  • Attend an online refresher
  • Submit OPIs for evaluation: 6 for Full, 5 for Limited. Please consult the recertification handbook for specific guidance on the required levels and on the submission process, which can be downloaded from the ACTFL OPI Tester Online Community.
  • Sign OPI Tester Agreement

OPI testers who assign Advisory ACTFL OPI Ratings within their own institutions but do not submit these OPIs for Academic Institutional Upgrades to LTI may not consider these as Official ACTFL OPI Testing.

Track E for Researchers & Administrators

OPI testers who did not conduct OPIs during the four years post certification but apply their certification as a rater in an educational setting to enable them to make judgements about oral language proficiency in a research or administrative setting may apply for this recertification track.

Track E recertification tasks include:

  • Submit letter of support from a department chair, academic dean, provost or other appropriate administrator describing the activities in which the candidate is applying oral proficiency rating skills. The letter should be on the academic institution’s letterhead. This should be submitted with the recertification application.
  • Submission of current resume/CV
  • Successful completion of refresher course and rating activities
  • Successful completion of ACTFL rating activities
    • Track E candidates must work in a research or administrative position within an accredited institution at the time of recertification.
    • Once recertified, OPI Track E Testers will not be allowed to perform any rating assignments with LTI.

For more information, please consult the recertification handbook for specific guidance on the required levels and on the submission process. It can be downloaded from the ACTFL OPI Tester Online Community.

Certification Appeals Process

ACTFL is committed to a transparent certification process. While not all individuals who apply for certification achieve it, ACTFL convenes an Appeals Committee on a quarterly basis to reconsider certification decisions. Candidates for an appeal must meet the following criteria:

  • Certification materials were evaluated inaccurately and/or
  • There were extenuating circumstances that did not allow for a fair assessment of a candidate’s testing/rating performance

For detailed information on the certification appeals process, visit here.