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ACTFL Proficiency & Performance Institute

What is the ACTFL Proficiency & Performance Institute?

The ACTFL Proficiency & Performance Institute is a collection of workshops held across the United States every summer (May-July) and winter (December-February). These workshops are conducted by nationally recognized experts specializing in proficiency-based language instruction. Topics include oral proficiency, writing proficiency, linking proficiency and performance, and how to apply these concepts in the classroom.

Who should attend these workshops?

The workshops held at the ACTFL Proficiency & Performance Institute are open to all language educators. Attending a workshop is a great way to connect with other language educators in your language or content area.

Why should I attend?

Educators leave these workshops with the tools to enhance their students’ classroom experience and help students improve language proficiency in different modes of communication. Our goal is to provide educators with the means to create more authentic communicative exchanges with engaged students and produce measurable improvements in student outcomes.

Want to hear it from your peers? Here are some testimonials from our 2017 Summer Institute attendees:

“I have attended a lot of workshops in which the presenters talk about the importance on focusing on communication and not just on grammar, but it wasn't until this particular one that I understood how I may be able to help my students communicate in meaningful ways.”

“I am thrilled to be able to share some of the strategies for evaluating proficiency with my team of teachers in our high school. I can't wait to try some of the strategies to get students excited and equipped to move on to the next level of their language proficiencies.”

“I feel that I have the tools, or additional tools, to help me continue to try to move my classroom from grammar to communication, from traditional to dynamic, and moving towards a proficiency model. I am excited about the prospects and believe that I received plenty of PRACTICAL help to make classroom and instructional changes.”

I teach a Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL). Should I attend?

Yes! We have workshops that are offered in various languages, but if your language is not offered, there are LCTL-specific sections. These sections are taught in English, but each participant can work with samples in their target language and/or participate in a practice interview in their target language.

What is a “mixed languages” section?

A mixed-languages section is comprised of teachers of different languages: Some may be teachers or speakers of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs), English, or commonly-taught languages. Mixed-language sections are conducted in English, but participants are encouraged to discuss how these concepts apply to their target languages and specific classroom contexts. In mixed-language MOPI and OPI workshops, practice interviews may be conducted in English or in several of the target languages represented, by using a guided metalinguistic approach. In mixed-language OPI Familiarization workshops, language samples shown to all participants are in English, but participants may hear samples in their target languages during breakout portions of the workshop.

What does the registration include?

Your registration fee includes participation in the workshop, including recruitment of high-quality workshop facilitators, workshop materials (print, audio, and electronic), and refreshments during the workshop. Travel expenses (such as flight, lodging, or other transportation) and meals are not included in the registration fee.

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