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ACTFL's Educators Rising 2.0

Your language learners may be future language educators! Join ACTFL's Educators Rising initiative and engage your students to explore language teaching as a career. With extensive input from users and focus groups, ACTFL has reimagined and redesigned 10 ready-to-use modules for you to lead activities with your high school and college students. Over 60% of teachers teach within 20 miles of where they went to high school! Use these modules as the solution for schools or districts interested in establishing a pathway to turn language learners into language teachers.

The Teacher Shortage Challenge is Real

Today's teacher recruitment pipeline needs to be expanded. For the 2017-18 academic year, at least 49 of 56 U.S. states and territories experienced shortages in teachers qualified to teach World Languages and Bilingual Education. Declining teacher education enrollments, increasing K-12 student enrollments, and high teacher attrition rates all contribute to the challenge. And shortages are only projected to grow. By 2025, there could be a hiring gap of 100,000 teachers annually. It's time to reimagine how we recruit and nurture the next generation of World Language teachers. The solution is clear: Use ACTFL’s Educators Rising resources to increase and enhance the supply of well-qualified World Language educators.

Get Inspired

Ready-to-use modules provide all the materials you need for Educators Rising sessions with your students: educator facilitator guides, links to articles and videos, ready-made presentations, discussion topics, and more that will keep your language learners engaged. Extended activities and suggested projects allow you and your future educators to move at your own pace. Offer students a vision of the future where teaching a world language is empowering -- both to them and their students.

How Do I Access the Modules?

  1. Sign up so we know you're interested in participating in ACTFL’s Educators Rising. By registering, you will be included in all communication about Educators Rising as well as networking opportunities to learn with others using the resources.
  2. If you haven’t already, register for a free ACTFL Online account.
  3. Access ACTFL’s Educators Rising Modules here!

How does the ACTFL website work?

  1. Use your ACTFL Online account credentials to sign into our Learning Management System that houses ACTFL’s Educators Rising modules.
  2. You can navigate through one main space which is broken down into each of the ten program modules, plus an overview module to get you started.
  3. Each module contains at least three downloadable documents (some modules include additional resources related to that module’s activities):
    1. An Educator Facilitator Guide – this document leads you through the content of the module and how you might structure your Educators Rising meeting.
    2. An Interactive Worksheet – this document is a resource for your students to use throughout each module. Here, they will write reactions to videos and activities, reflect on what they’ve learned, and record their interests. This resource can also be adapted to an online version using Google Forms which allows you to customize your program to meet your needs and those of your students.
    3. A ready-to-use Module Presentation – this resource presents the module materials visually for your students with embedded hyperlinks and videos.

Is ACTFL's Educators Rising program offered in the target language that my students study?

Currently, all program material is in English. ACTFL's Educators Rising seeks to reach as many learners as possible about the prospect of becoming a language teacher. However, we encourage teachers to adapt this program as necessary to establish a connection with the target language. We welcome any adaptation that you create within your own classroom, whether it be in a group of students of different languages, or a group of one language (i.e. Future Portuguese Teachers Club).

I have some feedback on the modules and the program. How should I send it to you?

An evaluation survey is located at the bottom of the list of 10 modules on the ACTFL’s Educators Rising 2.0 site. We welcome all feedback as we will use it to continually improve our Educators Rising program. Questions and feedback may also be sent to ACTFL Education Project Coordinator, Kate McCrea.