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The AAPPL 2.0 Experience

AAPPL 2.0 provides seamless, realistic role-play scenarios using high-quality graphics, audio, and video that engages the test-taker with real-world tasks.  Test takers are greeted by a video of their virtual teacher who guides them through their tasks in an online Standards-based environment. AAPPL 2.0, released on March 1, 2019, includes exciting new enhancements including:

  • Teacher, School and National Average Reports: Printer-friendly reports comparing results to classmates, school-mates, and the national average
  • Design: Updated look and feel with a modern intuitive design
  • iOS, Tablet and Chromebook-Friendly HTML5: Check your system compatibility at LTI
  • Enhanced Test Security Features: Copy and paste capabilities are disabled; the test-taker is automatically logged out if they attempt to navigate away to another browser window.
  • Increased WCAG 2.0 AA/ADA Compliant Features: Customized color schemes, adjustable fonts, magnification, screen reader compatibility, subtitling for videos, time extensions, etc. Learn More at LTI

Teaching Toward Proficiency

View the following video to learn more about how the AAPPL changes teaching and learning in the world language setting. The students who have volunteered to comment about the AAPPL are from Glastonbury High School in Glastonbury, CT.

View the AAPPL 2.0 Demo at LTI: